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Thank you for your interest. This consultation has concluded. Check talk.transmountain.com for new opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in the Edmonton study corridor. This feedback period for Edmonton has concluded, however you can still learn more about the route alternatives by looking at your community map or watching this video

Future opportunities to have your say will be posted on this website and communicated in your community. Register now to be notified by email when new surveys and discussions are posted.

You can also ask us any questions about the proposed pipeline study corridor and what it would mean for your community here or you can send us comments by email to info@transmountain.com.

Thank you for your interest and participation. Your feedback will be used to make our project better.

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Route Details

What do you think about the proposed study corridor and our selection criteria?

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CLOSED: This discussion has concluded."

In Edmonton, we believe a reroute for the study corridor is the best option for these reasons (see your community map or watch this video to see the route and selected study corridor):

  • Extensive urban development has been built around the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline right-of-way since it was constructed in the 1950s. To minimize impact on urban development, we are proposing to route the Trans Mountain expansion via the South Transportation and Utility Corridor (TUC)
  • By following a utility corridor, land disturbance is also minimized
  • The proposed pipeline would exit the Kinder Morgan Edmonton Tank Facility and join the TUC on the east side of the City, then exit the TUC on the west side of the City near Whitemud Drive and rejoin the existing right-of-way

For more information on route planning click here.


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